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How to Create Value for Customers
Autor: Grbac, Bruno
Područje: Marketing
Karakter: stručna
Godina izdanja: 2014
Broj stranica: 362
Uvez: Meki


U svojem pristupu marketinškoj filozofiji autor je inkorporirao nove marketinške trendove i novi način razmišljanja o marketingu unutar konvencionalne prezentacije marketinških problema. Tekst je napisan prohodno i čitljivo kako bi ga lakše razumjeli studenti marketinga, kao i svi oni koji su uključeni u šaroliki svijet marketinga.

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The book “Marketing Dynamics – How to Create Value for Customers” is the result of the author’s efforts to consolidate the complex problematic of marketing in one book taking into consideration the changes that determine a new approach to marketing. The author has been successful in that, primarily because he has analyzed the current scientific literature with a scientific approach based on a qualitative research, argumenting the marketing paradigm with the results of successful business practices. The book abounds in a wide range of arguments and practices in order to clarify the nature and essence, and in particular the necessity of development and new marketing trends.

Analyzing the book provides the knowledge on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of business entities, reaching quantitative and qualitative objectives. This has particularly been stressed due to recession and necessary reforms in the economic policy of the country which must be market-oriented. The book meets the requirements of modern scientific and educational literature. The work is fully applicable not only as a scientific book, but also as a textbook and reading for professionals to be used in practice. Prof. Gábor Rekettye, PhD, University of Pécs, Hungary

This book provides a concise and accurate synthesis of current marketing knowledge, created in an easy-to-read format. The materials follow the standard sequence found in typical marketing textbooks, and are prepared in a format that is easy to read and understand for students, while it also is offered in a way that should facilitate its logical presentation by instructors.  The structure of each chapter is well thought-out and conducive to student learning. Content is systematically organized, and numerous graphs demonstrate key concepts in a visual format. The bibliography used to support major contributions to marketing thought are up-to-date and relevant to the respective topics.

Overall, the book represents a well-rounded text that is aptly suited for classroom use of a marketing course. The evaluation and conclusion stems from the fact that the text clearly points out the basic tenets of marketing and gives an overview of the instrumental and strategic framework of marketing management, as well as reports new marketing trends, and all this will be of benefit to students and marketers. Prof. Marko Grünhagen, Eastern Illinois University, U.S.A.

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1. The evolution of marketing – causes and effects/ 2. Adjusting to change/ 3. Identifying and analysing markets/ 4. Creating consumer value/ 5. The pillar of product value – price/ 6. Delivering consumer value – distribution / 7. Integrated marketing communications/ 8. Different perspectives in marketing/ 9. Specific fields of marketing /10. Applied marketing/ 11. Implementing marketing knowledge and skills

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Grbac, Bruno

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