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Autor: Keller, Kevin Lane; Kotler, Philip
Područje: Marketing
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Godina izdanja: 2006
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Svjetski bestseler koji objašnja suvremene trendove i razvoj globalnog marketinga, s naglaskom na važnos timskoga rada između sektora marketinga i svih ostalih sektora poslovanja!

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Table of Contents /UNDERSTANDING MARKETING MANAGEMENT/Defining Marketing for the 21st Century/Developing Marketing Strategies & Plans/CAPTURING MARKETING INSIGHTS/Gathering Information & Scanning the Environment/ Conducting Marketing Research & Forecasting Demand/CONNECTIONG WITH CUSTOMERS/Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction, & Loyalty/Analyzing Consumer Markets/Analyzing Business Markets/Identifying Market Segments & Targets/BUILDING STRONG BRANDS/Creating Brand Equity/Crafting the Brand Positioning/ Dealing with Competition/ SHAPING THE MARKET OFFERINGS/Setting Product Strategy/Designing & Managing Services/Developing Pricing Strategies & Programs/DELIVERING VALUE/ Designing & Managing Value Networks & Channels/Managing Retailing, Wholesaling & Logistics/COMMUNICATICATING VALUE/Designing & Managing Integrated Marketing Communications/Managing Mass Communications: Advertising, Sales Promotion, Events Public Relations/Managing Personal Communications: Direct Marketing & the Sales Force/CREATING LONG-TERM GROWTH/Introducing New Market Offerings /Tapping into Global Markets /Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization

About edition:

Acknowledged as one of the international leaders in the study of strategic brand management and integrated marketing communications, Kevin is presently E.B.Osborn Professor of Marketing at the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College. His research has been widely cited and has received numerous awards, and he’s served as brand confident to marketers at the world’s top companies, including Disney, Ford, Intel, Levi Strauss, Nike, Procter & Gamble and Starbucks. Hundreds of mini cases and discussions – Show marketing in action and concepts in practice at large and small real world companies. To achieve a tighter presentation, every mini case was reviewed by the authors; brand new cases were added and any extraneous ones removed. Universal applications-e.g., products and services; consumer and business markets; profit and nonprofit organizations; domestic and foreign companies; and low and high-tech industries. Kotler and Keller encourage students to apply marketing thinking to the complete spectrum of marketing.


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